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Foraminotomy Recovery

Started by ETZ on 05/05/2016 3:04pm

Greetings from Wisconsin,,,I have been lurking around here for some time and finally joined up.My story started about 4 years ago when I herniated my L3 disc .It really put the brakes on my very active life ! I jumped through the hoops like most,,chiropractor,,stretching,,and injections .The 2nd injection worked but only for a short period of time...unfortunately!!For awhile I thought I had my life back. WRONG!! So,,I had a laminectomy done buy a reputable orthopedic surgeon,,recovered and life was good again for almost two years..then the pain came back on the right hand side,,deep and dull into the piriformis,,wrapped around the thigh and into the groin.It was depressing to say the least!So again I jumped through the hoops only adding acupuncture,,deep massage,,another injection only this time had the nerve blocks to see if I would hopefully get the WOW factor to then facilitate some nerve ablation treatment.I had FIVE NEEDLES stuck in my back all at the same time which I thought was a little strange,but I trusted my pain management doctor.All failed.I was bummed,,I got a lot of livin to do yet at the age of 62!! From there it was a new MRI,,and of course you all know I have DDD..and Stenosis.I went to 3 different doctors who told me different things which by this time I had been reading and educating myself pretty good as to my unfortunate predicament. I was recommended a major fusion,,as many as 8 levels,,to a spinal cord stimulator! I was bummed!I then came across a neurosurgeon at Froedert here in Milwaukee who I had heard great things about through close friends and customers.(I work in a Honda dealership) So I went and saw him.He confirmed my back was in pretty bad shape,,but the problem was that my nerve root was being compressed by scar tissue,,arthritis and probably some bone spurs and that was the cause of my pain. I could hardly walk more than 70 yards,,sitting gave me relief,,and thank God I could sleep decently. No pain pills for me for the most part,,not only did the constipation add to my misery,,they didn't help to much. SO,,this surgeon recommends a Foraminotomy @ 2-3,,,3-4..in my case LESS IS MORE! He does agree that a fusion would be more the likely 8 levels,,FORGET THAT!! My operation was December 10th 2015,,took a little more than two hours of grinding and pulling on my nerves.He said things got pretty "hot". My condition at this time is what I am concerned about and looking to this forum for support . I still have pain,,but a lot less,,,My back muscles when I bend over to stretch I can feel pull,,my pain seems to shift around,,,one day or a series of days it will be my thigh,,next my butt cheek, My groin muscle has me very concerned cuz its always tight and sore and the soreness travels up into the hip.I at times feel periodic tingling sensation in the areas,,similar to the sensation of a TENZ! Had a hip Xray,,and all is good there. Medications are Ibuprohen and Flexeril. I have joined Planet Fitness where I walk the treadmill for a couple miles and pedal the bike machines with some core strengthening exercises,,get a good sweat goin. SO ,,am I expecting to much to soon? Will I continue to improve? I have been told to give it 6 month to a year. Thanks for listening !

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