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So sad...did I make a mistake?

Started by Nski1007 on 04/21/2016 11:13pm

1 year 4 months ago I had Alif on L5s1 . I did everything I was supposed to. I have spinal stenosis and disk degeneration also. Little by little the pain came back as they weened me off the narcotics after the fusion . My neurosurgeon has now sent me to a pain management dr . I've undergone steroid injections and Si joint injections nothing has worked . I can't sleep in bed, I can't sit for long and I can't work for long. I'm so depressed, it's hurting my marriage and I feel like sometimes people do not believe I'm in pain. My life has totally taken a turn.

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I'm sorry to hear that you feel nobody thinks your really in pain, I believe you. And I am fortunate enough to have a pain management Dr. Who has slipped disk and back problems himself.
And he is very supportive because the times I go to his office crying and begging him to do something to stop the pain..
No one will ever understand the constant pain.
I had a lumbar fusion and a cervical fusion I am 50 and I've been miserable for years.


I am so sorry. Have you followed up with your surgeon? Are you fully fused? I would follow up with the surgeon again. I am 6 months post-op fusion of L5-S1 (PLIF) and also am wondering if it was the right decision. I am earlier in recovery than you, but so far, am in more pain than pre-op. My surgeon has not been good with follow up, which seems to be a theme based on others I have talked to. You should follow up. Maybe a different PM doctor would have better strategies. I am very sorry and can relate. The pain is isolating and very depressing. I hate complaining and canceling or saying no to events because of pain. Because it isn't an overtly visible injury (I.e. Broken arm), I also feel others may question the severity or think it is an excuse. I hope your pain improves soon. My work has taken a hit - as sitting is so hard. Take care - and know you aren't alone!