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neck fusion n ADR surgery 2 weeks ago

Started by 119808510020373... on 04/18/2016 7:26pm

I just had neck surgery on 4/5/2016, At C5-C6, dr did fusion as well as artificial implant device along with the bracket and screws last night wax my first night sleeping in my bed since surgery. I was under impression I would have some immediate refief after surgery from some pain caused by rupture disk sitting on the nerve and spinal cord . I can say that is a nyth, big time, yes the aspen collar is uncomfortable and a pain to wear, literally rubs under my neck causing irritation I found a folded piece of paper towel tucked in helps to not rub ax much. Had such severe pain in left shoulder dr says from the air they put in to do surgery causes gas to settle in sometime your shoulders for 2 weeks really just say you don't know why my shoulder is hurting it's the truth and more believable to me. Also it seems like after surgeon got his money after surgery he never came to see me or the other 5 patients HD did surgery on the day before he sent a family practice dr in the next day to release us. So wasn't able to ask questions or anything. I'm experiencing painful like in the muscles in my left arm and just to touch with my finger it hurts call dr and of course no return call as well as no return call when I requested a new collar, because this one the padding keep coming unvelcrowed. And caused the skin, cut and irritation been a week I go see my surgeon n 2 days and what's sad is he's supposed to do surgery on my lower back which is in way worse shape then my neck seriously think if a surgeon can't fo a check up visit the day after he does a serious surgery like what all his patients did that he's not the surgeon for my back surgery n we will see how fusion is going I do smoke I know I shouldn't but I have cut back a lot and I've tried hard to stop so very worried about fusion not healing like it should. So just asking for prayer and to tell you ask patients in drs office if they have had surgery with ur dr, and how were you treated after surgery because it is important to know what to expect from your surgeon mine had excellent reviews I think his website deleted any bad reviews from it because like I said 5 patients had surgery same day I did and he released all 5 of us without him or any surgeon from his practice coming to see any of his patients never n my life heard of this, and was so confused leaving the surgery center as well as his other patients as everyones discharge orders were entered wrong into the computer..what anyway research and talk to other patients that have already had surgery done by your surgeon please hate to see anyone go through this the surgery is bad enough without going home with a piece of paper for post opt. Treatment instead of the man who fixed me not having time to talk to me . Will post after Wednesday 2 weeks follow up visit

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