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Apophyseal join

Started by lor4raine on 02/14/2016 8:56am

My first car accident was back in the 80s where I suffered from cervical pain and swelling and took 3 years for relief I was dx with cervical cancer after the biopsy they told me i didn't have cancer but an auto immune problem and the body had to heal its self.
Once again in 2015 I was in another a car accident while I was making a left turn I was struck from behind and then that push me into a spin and then struck again by a car heading toward me. I was taken to the hospital where I lay in bed for 4 days having a lot of bone and fracture pain and having a hard time breathing. That was 7 months ago, now I am still on pain meds suffering still from contusions and a lot of cervical pain and shoulder pain. Prior to the accident I was going to physical therapyfor a broken bone in my ankle. Now my left foot has 3 fractures. I still have a hard time walking and once again felt the healed fracture as I was walking. The results from the accidents gave me apophyseal join arthrosis at C5/6 worse on the right I would like to know how can I feel better and how I can prevent it from getting any worst. Thanks

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