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ACF c-5-c-7 4 yrs ago, now having new pain

Started by 121656970168986... on 02/04/2016 1:05pm

Had a cervical fusion 4 years ago c-5-c-7. A while back my neck really started hurting. I had a doctor do an x-ray and said that I had stage 3-4 DDD and that it looked like T-1 was really starting to look bad. Stupid me, I ignored it. Now, I am having pain right in the middle of my neck down to the middle of my shoulder blades. Once again my neck, face, arms and hands are tingling and fingers going numb. It gets a lot worse when I lay down and my neck isn't straight with my back. I am freaking out. When this happened 4 years ago, I didn't start getting symptoms until about a month before my surgery. After my surgery, my NS said I was lucky.... the spinal cord was so bad that I would have been paralyzed within a month...Going crazy now...Waiting for a call back from the office.


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Yikes is right. and freaking out Is pretty much par for the course. Nobody wants to believe they have to repeat one of the most difficult and painful parts of their life. Isn't one spinal surgery enough to last an entire lifetime.

I had c5-6 acdf and at the time the NS said c4-5 could be fused too, but he wanted to just wait and do as little as possible. 10 years later and much neck pain & nerve pain later, I sometimes wonder if I should have just argued to make him do both discs. but second guessing never helps anyone or anything.

Try not to go too crazy. hopefully your doc is a talking NS and not one of those docs who say very little. hopefully you have someone with you in the appointment who can listen for you, so that you can get some answers. I've always found that I forget what docs say during visits because i'm hoping so hard that they will have good news. and then i'm sort of go numb when they tell me what's wrong and what they need to do and what I will have to go through.

so here's what you should do.
1. take your meds as prescribed.
2. write down your symptons in a journal each day.
3. write out your questions for the doc ahead of the appointment.

hope this helps.


People, this is the GAME they Play with us!!!
they do one area, just for us to have to come back!!! so they can do more and more and more!!!
How do you think they make all this money!!
Please Think while you read all these Cases!!! The Good Doctor who did mine! oh he knew Better??? I did not!!! but he Did!! so now that I have Learned so much Since while being in so much Pain!!!!! now I know the why's and how they work?? they set us up the this! They know the Laminectomies and Discectomies Are NOT going to LAST long.... But they do them anyway! only for the disc to either Blow more! or the Bone spurs to Develop!!! Because, God gave us this unique Ability to heal inside our selves!!! or try to so we Develop arthritis/ Bone spurs/ Scar Tissue, and or we Rupture more Disc! Yep they make more MONEY!!! Oh and they do not tell you that the level above and Below now will be going Bad because of what they just did to you!!! nope! that will be MONEY in their pockets Later!! but they will make you jump through hoops until then!!!! God Why Did I have to hurt my Lumbar back in MAY of 1989??? now my whole spine is bad!!! Yes and these Surgeons they know what will Happen!!!! Yes I am Negative, because, I have lived on my couch for so long it is not even Funny! but I have Watched my Twin chase the Fusions and now her whole spine is fused, and she is still in agony with no where to go??? me, I have a spine full of very large Ruptures, with Cord Flatting from top to the bottom, and scared to do anything, Why bother??? I will still be in Pain??? I had one Steel Disc put in my neck, and now they can not see my MRI's Because of it, Did they tell me this would Happen before the Surgery???? NO!!! and there lever were very bad before that surgery!!! but here I live in severe pain!!!
They tell me I have Overall Progressive Disc Disease, with Cord Flatting, at C3-4, C4-5, and C5-6, they Replaced C6-7. All of this was back in 2008, but they can not see any of this anymore because of the metallic in my neck??? but yet, do you think they will order any other Test?? no but my arms have been dead and or numb for a long time now, pain between shoulder blades and under armpits, fingers and hands numb/dead, and elbows hurts so bad i can hardly touch them.. Oh but they will give me all the pain meds I want. Thoracic has 2 ruptures, and lumbar please 3 laminectomies,and discectomies, and I have from L1-2 down all ruptured, and now scoliosis.. But hey, I am hanging in there... These Doctors do know what they are doing to us! Okay, I am off my Rant! you will not be Paralyzed, if you do not do anything, it does not work that way! ask me how I know!!! now if I fall down or get in a wreck or have a blow to my cord? yes!!! but you just do not get Paralyzed!!! you will get numb feeling and nerves, and burning and pain, and all of those king of things, I have them all, my left leg from my knee down to my toes is numb and has been!! but I know I have to take care of my Neck First!!! I just do not know where to start with these Doctors, they all Lie, and they all work together to cover their Asses! and we as patients have got to lean as much as we can to protect ourselves... Because when we wind up like my Sister all Fused from the neck down and still in agony with no where to turn, what are you going to do???? I do not have the first fusion in my Spine, I tried to go the opposite and now I am so unstable, and I need to figure out what to do?
Yes We are Twins, and our spines are small, we were preemies when born, so when we both realized be both had spine issues, I stopped letting them work on me! she had to because she had a Cyst (Shrinks) in her Spinal cord, about to kill her, they had to go in and put 2 shunts in, and fuse 4 level. at one time, then they wound up fusing her whole neck, and then her lumbar..