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New diagnosis

Started by LuanE. on 01/03/2016 12:49am

All in one day, i found out i had spondylolithesis level 2, ddd level 4 and severe scoliosis. I do no know which way to turn except chiro everyday for eho knows how long. I am 59....had a r.hip replacement about 9 years ago. No complications, physically ctive etc. work full time, but now pain is becoming unbearable. Help

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Be very careful with the chiropractic treatment as it can worsen your condition. Many websites of leading spine surgeons state that chiropractic care is not helpful for most scoliosis. I too have attempted chiropractic care for my severe scoliosis (3 curves) with no benefit, just money out of my pocket. The two most helpful, non-med, things that I have found are Pilates and deep tissue massage. I am on a pain program also where we alternate low level opioids for 1 week with naproxen for the second week. This is to delay the tolerance build-up of the opioids and lower the chance of dependency. In the case of the naproxen, non-continuous use will hopefully keep the nasty side effects associated with longtime term use from occurring. I still have pain every day but can manage to get several hours of activity in now when before death was the preferable alternative.

I've had several epidural shots and a facet injection, unfortunately I had no effects from them.

I'm the same age, and the spiral down is dreadful. Good luck to you.