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Going Back to Work

Started by 102048391730891... on 12/07/2015 12:34pm

I have been out of work since November 18th due to pain in my neck which radiates down my shoulder and arm.
I had an anterior discectomy in 2008 at level C5-6. I went for a CT scan and the impression reads: Mild posterior disc herniation with bilateral uncovertebral joint hypertrophy and left facet joint degenerative changes at C3-4 causing mild spinal stenosis, mild right and mild to moderate foraminal stenosis. Mild disc bulge v. mild broad based posterior disc herniation at C4-5 causing mild spinal stenosis without significant foraminal stenosis seen on CT scan. Very limited evaluation of level C5-6 (due to implant). Mild left paracentral/foraminal bony spurring causing mild spinal stenosis and mild left foraminal stenosis at C5-6. Minimal disc bulge v. minimal posterior disc herniation at C6-7 without significant spinal or foraminal stenosis. Mild cervical lymphadenopathy with several mildly enlarged cervical lymph nodes. mostly on the left side.

My doctor has put me out of work and has recommended steroid shots and an EMG. My problem is not only the pain but the guilt I feel not going to work. I am a pre-k teacher . It can be a very physical job. My doc wrote me out until I get the shots and EMG. I think my employer thinks this is all minor and I should be working. There are days I feel pretty good in the morning-but, as the day progresses I feel the pain and numbness in my left arm. Why do I feel guilty.?I have many sick days accumulated.
I want this feeling of guilt to go away. Perhaps, it's the word mild that was used in the CT scan impression that bothers me.

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You have to listen to your body and not feel guilty. I understand. I have a herniated cervical disc and my boss doesnt believe me even with a doctors note. My health comes first and yours should too. Unfortunately we are ridden with some guilt because we deal with what we used to be able to do and what we can actually do today. Be kind to yourself, relax and do your best. Best wishes for healing and strength. You can do it!