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ALIF + Pro Disc Replacement- Recovery, etc?

Started by 101532192868773... on 11/25/2015 12:32am

24 year old female, Multi-level degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and disco-osteophytic complex in all of my C- Spine.

I'm having an ALIF (anterior lumbar inter body fusion) for L5-S1 disc and A Pro Disc replacement for L4-L5 disc on December 15th, which insurance is not paying a dime of!

First disc bulged in 2010, second went in 2012, been doing injections, pt, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and whatever else you can think of since.. now its come down to surgery.

I did the spinal cord stimulator trial, it only helped my leg pain though.

Looking for personal experience with disc replacement/fusion, how long was your recovery? When did you start pt? How long until the pain seemed improved?

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I just had ALIF 6 weeks ago. I am still having issues with my legs, back is improving a bit each week, but still have a lot of pain with activity, like trying to grocery shop or walk and stand, and I'm supposed to return to work next week. I'm also having issues with my abdomen still. Very hard and puffy, nothing i do makes it better. My diet has been horrible since surgery which may be contributing to this, but I can't wear jeans yet. ....I just started a discussion here to see about getting some feedback.
Most days I feel pretty good with minimal activity around the house. Sleep is hard without medication to help me relax and stay alseep, as my activity level is so low, I'm not exerting enough during the day to warrant a full nights sleep. The first few weeks I slept fine from exhaustion from the pain etc.
When was your surgery, and what is your hardest thing as of now to deal with?