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MIS TLIF Surgery

Started by 102074982986464... on 09/08/2015 8:58am

I'm scheduled to have l 4/5 surgery on 9/18. When I went to the ortho surgeon several months ago my pain was much worse. I postponed my surgery a few times due to a family death and just plain scared. My surgeon is one of the top rated in the nation ,located in chicago. I've been doing a lot of deep water running and core work which has been making improvements with my DDD spinal stenosis and grade one spondylothesis. Now I'm wondering if I should even have the surgery. I talked with my doctor and he is not pushing me into the surgery but is frustrated with me cancelling and rescheduling. I feel if I do it one more time. .I'm out. I am limited to what activities I can do and would love to be able to get back to some of the things I used to do...cycling, light jogging, weight lifting and I know my back will flare up again. ..last time lasted 4 months and my entire right foot had pins/needles. I mainly get back pain and neuropathy in my feet, no sciatica. My hip hurts off/on. I'm really scared and confused, especially after reading some of the horror stories post op. Any advice would be appreciated!

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