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Unfusion of a cervical ADCF

Started by sdangelw on 09/09/2014 3:18pm

hi I had a ACDF on c4-c7 on March 2013 I could not swallow food so they did a barium test to see that the hardware was impinged on my esophagus they did a CT on 7/6/13 and the doc told me I was 100% fused . which I thought was crazy cause it was only 4mths,,, he removed my hardware on 8/1/13 I was doing better but could not swallow, on 11/27/13 I was rear-ended in a car,, my neck was hurting bad and my lower back. I went to my neurosurgeon , he suggested I have a mri cat scan and x rays I did . then I went to another neuro sugeon.. he stated I was not fused.... at all .. he stated that the car accident did not do that, I said how could that happen ,, he said he took the hard ware out premature
I went to the insurance doctors who just stated the car accident exacerbated my condition , but I was sot fused prior, needless to say the car insurance will not pay for my surgery . so I am back to see my new neurosurgeon on the 18th of sept...

how did my neck not fuse
how did he not see my neck was not fused,,,
my neck is now tilted to the left
can I be fixed please help any answer will help
I am in so much pain

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