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Tlif on L/2 through S/1

Started by 1058148621@facebook on 08/10/2014 10:35am

Was wondering if anybody has had this surgery and could tell me what to expect. I have everything and including scoliosis from leaning away from my right side sciatica. Have pain, numbness,tingling in both legs and feet, luckily not at the same time, gotten worse over the past 6 months at night, hurts to stay in 1 position, no back or stomach sleeping and hips get real achy. Have really tight hamstrings which started as well, has anybody else experienced these symptoms?, woul love to talk with anybody that has had this surgery. Doc was going to do this in 2 steps but decided to change it to 1 surgery......is this normal, any experiences would help out, this is my first and hopefully only back surgery!

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