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3weeks post Hybrid ALIF/ADR surgery, How long on pain meds?

Started by quarterbunny on 07/24/2014 9:24pm

Hello there,

I recently had the relatively new surgery called a Hybrid Fusion/360 fusion/ or Hybrid ALIF, ADR (new here in the states, but has been successful in Europe for over 20 years) ..... The doctor did a standard anterior fusion of my L5/S1, and then at the L4/5 level did an artificial disc replacement.

Despite following the doctor's rules to a T, I have had several set backs/complications.... I had a horrible reaction to valium, a seroma pocket/infection/and delayed wound closure occurred in my eight inch belly incision. My Incision still isn't closed, and may take several more weeks to heal.

My question is, How long are people on the narcotic pain meds after major multi level back surgery? I had my surgery on the 2nd of July, so I am just now reaching three weeks post op.... and my husband seems to be pushing me to get off the meds.... but I do not feel it is time yet. I have had some minor issues, where the pharmacy has made mistakes to cause my refill to take longer than normal, and so I ran out of meds.... when that happened, I felt what my body is going through without the medication, and it was rough to say the least.

I did not have any withdrawal symptoms, I could just feel every bit of the post surgical pain still left, and it was completely debilitating. I went from being able to walk normally and get around, and even do little laundry loads... to bedridden without the meds. I also have physical therapy coming up here in the next couple weeks, and wonder if I will be able to do that activity without meds to control the pain that I know it will cause.

How long is average for patients to be moving away from pain meds after surgery? or what was your experience after surgery with the medications?

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I too am wondering about this topic. I will be getting a 3 level Hybrid. ADR L3/4 and Fusion of L4-S-1. I want to be prepared as much as possible what to expect so I can be ready metally and physically.