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Cervical fusion

Started by 1833531814@facebook on 04/10/2014 11:07am

I had a cercvcal c5 to c7 fusion with intrumentation yesterday 04/09/2014. Procedure lasted two hours (9:00 am to 11:00 am). I went home at 3:00 pm the same day. Will not wear a collar. Will use a bone growth stimulator for a few hours a day. Pain is mild with moderate pain meds. Hydrocodone with acetaminaphen 325mg's. I cut them in half and take one every three hours. Pain is 4 to 5 on a one to 10 scale. I have a sore throat from the incision and surgery. Otherwise I feel good and am able to move my head quite well. No sutures. Incision is glued shut. Can shower 2 days post surgery. I read alot of bad stories about this procedure. It was as discussed with my doctor. This is my second back procedure, same doctor. I had a low back fusion on August 27, 2013. Same great results. Do your research when it comes to surgeons. BY the way, I am 66 yrs old and in good health other than the back problems.

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OH please wear your collar!!! if you do not wear it OMG! you will suffer like no other in about 6 weeks. TRUST me please wear your collar, I took mine off to soon you must remain in traction or you will suffer like no other, I took mine off after 3 weeks of dealing with the collar thinking I could sleep better without it and deal better without it. and I was doing well but I had no idea I was creating issues to the surgical site you see after this type of surgery your neck is trying to heal up proper and the collar is there to help the healing process, if the collar is not on, then your neck is resting on the surgical site and will not heal properly while your neck is pressing on the site it must me in traction so that the site will heal up and when then collar is ready to be taken off by DOCTORS orders, your neck will be in the proper height and position it was intended on. now since I took mine off way to early I suffer so much pain I wish I were dead, this type of operation is bad in my opinion, I also had the same fusion to c6 and c7 while a bone spur was also present pushing against my spine and causing migraine headaches and numbness and a burning sensation to the back of my neck.,I thought why not get surgery to correct it? and then my neurologist had me sign a waver that stated the surgery could either "make things better or worst" so I thought how could it get worst? and said ok to the surgery not knowing that the surgery had a horrible success rate. but if I had kept the collar on I think id be in a better way. again please ware the collar and if you do not wish to wear this collar could I buy it from you LOL. I wish id never had thrown away my collar. I wish to still wear it for my pain is very BAD.


MY LORD WHO IS YOUR DOCTOR? mine really messed me up