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Recent Spondylolisthesis Diagnosis

Started by makakehau on 03/03/2014 3:04am

I've recently been diagnosed with an L4,L5 Spondylolisthesis
After suffering with lower back, hip, butt and leg pain for
About 8 months.
I've tried chiropractic care, epidural spinal infusions and of course
Pain medicine.
The third doctor I saw recommends L4,L5 fusion.
(He is the first of the 3 doctors to order a standing
X-ray which allowed him to actually see the problem).
I've decided to search for a neurosurgeon for a second
(4th?) opinion.
The fact is I am scared SILLY about the prospect
Of spinal fusion surgery! (I've been up crying and worrying nights
For a week). It seems every comment
Or story I hear or read about this surgery is
Negative. Lots of failed fusions, surgery do overs,
Pain and people wishing they'd never had surgery
At all! Can I hear some input about successful spinal fusion?
Are there any out there?

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I had a successful spinal fusion, I can walk, little to no pain now. I was terrified before surgery, I had read so many negative scary stories. It took about 2 weeks after surgery to begin really feeling better. Its been 3 years now and I haven't had any problems I hope all works out well for you.