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Failing drug test

Started by Lakinmd2 on 02/25/2014 6:12pm

Hello all. I have multi-level bulging cervical disks and severe cervical stenosis. I have been on a lot of Percocet in the 4 mos and also compounded pain cream. I began with pain care clinic a couple of weeks ago. I didn't think twice about the urine drug screen. When I went back less than a week later for my new physiatrist to do a cervical bundle branch block , I was astonished to learn I had failed a drug test. 2 months earlier my spine Dr did a drug screen urine, and then prescribed 7 percocets/day. I could have stayed with him, I had 2 epidural a by another provider, but got tired of going to 3 or 4 Drs for pain control. I finally elected a physiatrist on my own after researching it online. I peed on the first visit and declared there should be a lot of Percocet in there. What did not occur to me is that I also had "Canadian tyelenol" on hand and I had taken about 8-10 of them the previous day and day before. Thus, I failed my first drug screen and my new doc cannot prescribe. During my procedure he asked me where I got it and I told him- in Canada where it is legal, and also that it is easy to obtain online. My question is, and I believe I know the answer is - can no one ever in my lifetime prescribe a narcotic again?

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