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Emergency Surgery needed the day AFTER Anterior cervicle fusion

Started by 579069939@facebook on 12/29/2013 8:45pm

Has anyone heard of this happening? I went in for my surgery last Monday. I experienced the most extreme pain (worse than childbirth) I couldn't move. They even tried morphine, which didn't touch it. The next day my surgeon comes in and orders a CT Scan after hearing about my horrible night, and also mentioned he may have seen something on the stay they do right after surgery. The next thing my surgeon comes in the room telling me I need to go in immediately, that the plate or the fake disc was not pushed through all the way and the pressure pushed it out even more, so its literally about to collapse if it moves. So they did n emergency revision of cervical plate and inter body cage. Its about five days days after surgery, and I'm nervous about the damage the first surgery might have caused.

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