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compression and numbness in both feet

Started by shamymax on 09/25/2013 12:23pm

I'm a 60 year old male diagnosed with moderate to severe stenosis and mild disc degeneration in both the cervical and lower lumbar vertebrae. I have had a C3-C4 discectomy with fusion in 1997. I was also diagnosed with DISH arthritis from C2 -C7. This surgery was successful and had no lasting neurological symptoms other than some mild numbness and tingling in my left thumb and tips of my toes. Around 2003 I began to experience the typical symptoms of sciatica and increasing numbness in my feet. The condition was mild until 2007 when both my neurologist and neurosurgeon suggested epidural injections in L4-L5. These were moderately successful for the stenosis but had no effect on the numbness. At this time I began to notice a mild sense of compression in my feet, stronger in the left. It feels like tourniquet is wrapped around my feet and is slowly twisted the more I move. This tightening sensation moves up the front of my legs past the knees to the lower quadriceps. This condition gradually worsened but did not significantly interfere with my physical activities(hiking, Biking, weightlifting, ect..) In 2009 I was checked for vascular neuropathy which was negative( I am not diabetic.)

In 2011 a new MRI showed mild to severe stenosis and osteophyte developtment in the L4-L5 vertebrae with moderation stenosis and associated degeneration at L5-S1. Due to worsening sciatica and increasing numbness and compression symptoms I had a L4-L5 laminectomy which relieved all sciatica symptoms but did not have any effect on the numbness and compression symptoms in my feet. My neurosurgeon had hoped the L4-L5 compression was responsible for all the symptoms.

The compression symptoms have become chronic and now painful. After walking about a half mile my left foot feels like a solid brick, extremely tight across the top of the forefoot, particularly if I walk uphill. The right foot symptoms have increased as well. Fitness type walking or hiking is difficult, running near impossible.

I suspect that the L5-S1 stenosis is responsible and I'm seeing my neurologist tomorrow. After this long introduction my question is: has anyone had similar symptoms with their feet and have had any success alleviating symptoms through surgery or other procedures?

Thanks for any response

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