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Spondylolisthesis, degenerated herniated disc L5-s1, treatment suggestions?

Started by Nicky222 on 09/15/2013 4:13pm

Diagnosed with severe chronic degenerative disc disease l5-s1 due to grade 1 spondylolisthesis. Disc is also herniated and I have narrow something or other thAt is causing chronic swelling on nerve on right side and mild on the left. Done Chiro & physical therapy, have a nerve root block scheduled.

I'm active, play volleyball, softball, and any other adult sports I can. Any suggestions about what route to take that wld still allow me to be active? Got pain in rear on both sides and pain & tingling down right leg. Dr says if nerve block doesn't work, we hav to look into surgery.

Suggestions wld be greatly appreciated, alternatives to surgery or if surgery what kind to keep me moving? I'm lost and confused, my orthopedic dr spent 30 seconds with me, had to have my chiropractor explain the MRI results to me. Please give me some advise!!! Thanks

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try to hold out as long as you can with surgery.
grade one i'm sure your in pain.
i felt what you felt at a grade 2.
research all you can on the web.
get with a pain clinic to start.
they can explain your MRI to you.
try all you can before surgery.
surgery is a doubled edge sword.
the pain never goes away.
but the L5 is very hard to fuse.
the hardware will keep you together but you will have pain
after because of the surgery.
and its six month of not being able to do aything.
one to three months of being in a bak brace.
plus you'll need some one to help you.
there are allot of helpful postings here. but it seems we all are in the same boat.
do all you can before the surgry it should be your very last resort
hope this helps.


I am in the exact shape you are in. I have no idea what to do either.


I have thoracic spondylitis T10, T11, T12 and herniated disc L4- L5 and S1. and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003.
But in college I played volleyball and with family on picnics I played bat mitten. I loved playing those sports but when I told my primary physician that I played those sports he made it perfectly clear that I should not play anymore valley ball or bat mitten and definitely don't do any bowling ever.

My condition is like a rate 1-2 so I don't think I am a candidate for surgery but I am a candidate for the steroid spinal epidural therapy. I use to be a nurse assistant for a skilled unit for which I was always using my body. But someone from Human resource has told me if I keep working like that my spine will never heal.

So I took a year off work and then changed my profession in 2009 . My spine still give me grief from time to time but I feel it healing like my S1 has healed and how I know this is because I can sit in the tub with out crying from severe pain I actually can soak for 30-45 minutes.

From the previous spine doctor I said if I have surgery I will be looking at a 50/50 chance of improvement and he serious suggest that I am not a candidate for surgery so I took his advice and changed careers and Been working since 2010 .