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SpineUniverse Needs Your Help!

Started by Bill Paquin on 08/01/2013 1:14pm

Help us create a nationwide awareness campaign for people who suffer with chronic back pain.

Take this 20 minute survey.


I appreciate it - Bill Paquin, CEO, Vertical Health, Publisher of SpineUniverse.com

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Bill, I've taken the survey that's posted on Facebook and posted comments on the Facebook page you guys have and I started thinking that it was just an information gathering gimmic so I'm asking you is there truth to my concern? Another thing, do you have drs that read the threads on your Facebook page? My comments are my way of reaching out for help but I want to know if I have waisted even more of my precious time writing to just the other fans?

I'm at the last of what I can handle in this life, I've never been weak till now and I'm desperate to find help I thank you for this site for me to read others comments and finally feel like there are people out there that really understand me and I hope that somewhere I find hope in these words I read, but with that said, I would love to be a part of the study in back pain! Thank you for your time


I am married to a spine injury patient, and takes morphine. it has been about 12 years 3 spine injuries, the meds aren't ever strong enough anymore! I took him in for a higher dose and now doc wants to take off, and gave him less! more pain and more mental stress, he don't want to live this way any more what and how, no insurance yet, no s.s. now he is addicted and don't want to be labeled a drug abuser. don't want to live in pain!! how do I help him?? and my self? I feel like nobody understands or will help I have called hundreds of people and they just give me another # !! also has many other health issues, diabetic and so much more, someone must know how to help us?


My morph world,
I know what your husband is going threw!! I too have failed spine surgery and I am on morphine along with loratabs, my dr also wants me off the morphine but I have developed more spine, knee and hip issues that have increased my pain I'm at a ten most of the days now and very depressed!! I have not been able to get my SSDI still after fighting for the last few years although I finally got a hearing date set for October now and that is good but I have no hopes left in me I have drs that don't call me back nor keep up on what's going on with me I also STRESS about being accused of being an addict just because I need a little relief of this pain but the medications don't really help that much they just take the edge off and make it a little easier to cope with the pain, I'm sure you've heard your husband say that from time to time? It sucks to be in this painfully cursed life like this so please just hand in there and give that man all the support you can cause he really needs it right now trust me!!
If you want to know more about my situation then read my post I've put up on here called " what's left after spine surgery" and you will understand why I have an opinion to give here!! I will be praying for y'all and hopping for better help thank you


hello bill.
i think by asking us to post on facebok is a mistake.
allot of us are on here for privacy.
i don't use my real name because i don't want friends or family to read what i have to say.
our pain is a private thing.
people that are healthy and know us can't walk in our shoes.
they just don't understand even after talking with them about it.
what i would like to see on your site is some doctors to come on and talk with some of us.
surgery for a doctor is just another days work.
but why aren't they looking into why after people have this kind of surgery we all have the same conditions after words.
In short as they are cutting into our backs.
Are they cutting something that we all end up with numb butts legs and feet.
And then the pain that stays even after we heal.
There has to be something that everyone on here is posting the same things.
also someone should gather some of the posting on here that can help others with questions.
and add a place on here under simular questions to help them.
this was one of the first sites i came to in the begining.
very gratful it was here.
thanks for a good site bill.


^^^^. Ray has made some great points!! WHERE ARE THE DRS??? There should be some good drs looking to further their education or knowlage or really wanting to help those of us who are slowly dying inside because of the comin invisible pain we all share!!!

Hum, I wondering if there is a way to get drs to actually read our posts and find ways to help us and others threw these words we write?!!