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Facet rhyzotomy

Started by 1595227176@facebook on 06/22/2013 9:34am

Hello! I am new to this site. I have degenerave disc disease with severe L5-S1 pain. My pain doc is recommending a rhyzotomy. Yesterday I underwent a diagnostic injectiin into several nerves. My pain level decreased by 60%. I'm not sure if that makes me a candidate. People on other sites are saying that rhyzotomies only reduce pain on average by 50% and the pain relief can take weeks to kick in. I'm really discouraged. Has anyone had a facet rhyzotomy wirh successful results? What was it like? Were you in more pain afterwards?

Any info and support is much appreciated!

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2 Responses


Sarah I have had several facet and SI joint rhyzotomy's. I have had good success with both types of rhyzotomy's. They only last 9 months or so. So I have been getting both rhyzotomy's almost yearly. They are a little painful during the procedure but not so bad as to not have them done. Although I feel beat up after the procedures I feel they are well worth it. I say have the procedure and see if you don't get some relief.


I would like more discussion regarding how long cervical facet joint rhyzotomy lasts. I have been told 7-8 months, which is much better than dependence on medication, so treatment annually is a better option.