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Sciatica (?) pain in my leg that responds to no treatment?

Started by Ally's mom on 05/15/2013 5:53pm

Hi all,

I'm new so I hope I'm not rehashing old news. Six years ago at 39, I was an executive with the high stress job and a son with Asperger's, ( his dad worked in the city so I was the primary manager for all his treatments). I was very thin and very fit.

I started to get an annoying pain in the middle of my right thigh. I spoke to "the" Neuro team in NYC and they all agreed that I had to have a L5-S1 fusion. In looking at the MRISs I couldn't see anything pushing on it, but what did I know, that was not my field.

Surgery was performed, discharge, and a bottle of pain pills. Stopped the pain pills, the pain in the leg was still there. After a great many visits to neurologists and pain management doctors and PT. Nothing. I've had Pain injections, epidurals, nerve blocks, stimulator (which stopped working after 2wks and was removed) facet injections, (1st one lasted 2wks, 2nd didn't do anything), and a facet rhizotomy which also failed. I'm also on tons of pain pills, anti- epileptics, Cymbalta, muscle relaxants, and Xanax. Pain is still there! Went through the Lyrica 30lb weight gain. Even tried Elavil. Nothing. Does anyone have a clue to what the problem is? I also don't have piriformis syndrome.

Thanks in advance

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