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Complicated, cord compression

Started by lopsided on 04/28/2013 3:47am

Hello, I'm new please forgive me if I do something wrong!

Has anyone got any ideas about my situation? I'm waiting for an urgent appointment (I live in England so that means three weeks or more) for a referral for an MRI, yes just the referral, don't know how long it will be till I actually get it.

I just saw a physiotherapist, he was very concerned that I've got cervical cord compression. I suppose it started about 1.5 years ago with a blinding one sided headache, nothing much else happened till about 2 months ago when my shoulder dropped down, now both arms are weak one's a lot worse, and my legs are weak. My shoulders and top of arms and legs are twitching all the time and I can't drag myself about for fatigue, limbs feel like lead.

The complicated part comes in because just over two years ago I had a three level ACDF c4/5/6 with a plate. This was a great success (hope that encourages some who only seem to read about failures) I had an excellent Neurosurgeon, (had to go private though and it cost £8000).

Anyway recent X ray shows the operation site is fine and stable, no loose screws or anything. About 8 years ago I had L4/5 discectomy, again very good result.

This is scaring me a lot, I've never felt like this before, never had such weakness or been in such pain, and believe me I've had some.

If anyone has had anything similar I'd be gratefull if you could tell me about it, I can only think that it could be bone that's grown behind the plate, if so I think that would be an even more complicated surgery and I can't afford to pay for it again.


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