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Havinf surgery- Neck fusion of c4 threw c7- really scared- what to expect?

Started by homan519 on 04/10/2013 10:32pm

I was diganosed with degenerative disk disease 7 years ago with fibromyalgia. Had lots of pain in the neck but wasnt bad- 2.5 years ago we were t- boned in a car accident- I got 4 herniated disk, my spinal cord is smooched and the outter part was severed in half. Headaches from h--- sense the car accident. did the PT, WT, pain meds, pain meds. pain meds- nothing touches the pain !!! pain in the left arm- shoulders, middle of back, with numbness, in the chest. So I am set to have the surgery May 7th 2013. I am so scared.There going inbetween my trachi and my coradid artery to do the surgery with 4 plates in throat and 4 in my spine. Last time i had surgery they knicked an artery n didnt know it, i started bleeind out and coded 3 times, then emergency surgery and 3 blood trabsfusions later i ended up with infection and pain meds have been my best friend for the last 3 years- i am scared the pain meds wont help me after my surgery- what kinda pain am i going to be looking at after surgery? how long is the surgery, how long is recovery?. any advice at all ? Thank you

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