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Degerative Disc Disease

Started by 725607935@facebook on 02/05/2013 11:28pm

I am 64 I have had fusion at L5 S1 at 39 and lamonectomy at L4 L5, (2 at) Ll3 L4, now have severe low back pain in SI joints along with herniate disc at L1 T14, I have no disc material between L4 L5, and L3 L4 which have self fused, I have little disc material between L2 L1. Doctor sad it's the worst back he has ever seen. Full of Spinal Stenosis which causes pain in left leg. I get a few months relief with injection then have to wait 2 more before another injection. I have one vertebre that is compressed. Surgeon says I need surgery to relieve the spinal stenosis. Can this be done whitout cutting open my again. I had a stimulater installed for leg pain which helps some. But Si are making it hard to walk. Is Radio Frequency ablasion for SI nerves possible? Is any one else as depressed as I am.

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