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I'm seeing my surgeon this thursday..

Started by gabriel777 on 01/27/2013 11:45am

His MRI interpretation is; "significant amount of endplate change at L5-S1 with collapse of the disc space. There is moderate amount of foraminal narrowing around the exiting L5 nerve root". I also have a disc herniation at L4 displacing but not compressing the exit L4 nerve root which he thinks is incidental. I went for my nerve root block to confirm the pain generator, confirmed. So now I see him this Thursday. On our last visit he spoke of doing a ALIF & PLIF surgery for L5-S1. I'm wondering if you all tink that sounds about right...maybe?
Take care everyone and thanks for the time!

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If you have a concern get a second opinion. if you have a cushion not working and they can tell if nerves are getting pinched that will cause pain. if they do the surgery they will prob fuse those areas together and use screws and rods. good luck in the decisions you make. my lumbar is all fused together has 8 screws and two rods. it takes around a year for a fusion to get to 100percent if everything is going ok. I hope you dont smoke because smoking and fusion dont work. also I cannot bend anymore I get down on one knee or squat down. bending will cause you pain. these kind of surgerys dont go well in going back to work. You might want to check out getting your cushion replaced with the new cushions coming out if you can find a surgeon that does them.


The main concern i had was if i was candidate for surgery. But now i know i am for whats going on with my back. I am scheduled for TLIF & PLIF at L5-S1 for March 14. He is a skilled surgeon who does not cut for money. The significant end plate damage is due to instability. the collappsed disc is causing nerve irritation/compression of the L5 neural foramen. I have had previous laminectomy/discectomy. On the plus side my bones fuse very well (R wrist fusions and autofusion in my left hand). Just had a L thumb fusion 2 months ago. Surgeon wasnt worried about fusion taking. I am thinkin its gonna work or at least get some functionality back.