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Why is my back/leg spasms the worst when I recline to try to sleep?

Started by marnarn on 01/07/2013 2:46pm

I am new to this back spasm business, have known DDD of L/S area for years, just of late I have the most excrutiating painful spasms in my buttocks and legs when I recline, up until recently they were able to be "walked out" over the course of an hour or so, but of late even this doesn't alleviate them. I haven't slept well through the night in months, and the pain is now affecting my profession ( ER RN) I hesitate to start a regimen of muscle relaxers that will affect my performance, so far I have tried Soma, Flexeril (at night) lots of naprosyn, curcumin,glucosamine all without even a small decline in the pain level. Any thoughts from people who have been through this, I have to be able to work, and it is very painful right now.

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hello I use to have them bad also exercise helps me from having them.


The only thing I can say is go to your Dr. It sounds like sciatica which you'll know already being a nurse. I understand you need to work and meds do interfere with this, but having said that, the pain can get so bad that you may not have a choice. I would go see your Dr. soon because as you know, the longer your nerves are distressed, the higher the risk of them not recovering completely. Also, it may be something simple that you just haven't thought of.
I needed to work also, but got to the point when I was in so much pain, I was literally holding my breath. Pain has a way of stopping you in your tracks and making you pay attention.
I hope you find out it's something minor and easily remedied. Keep us up-to-date. :)