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removal of hardware after fusions are healed

Started by 100000551059168... on 01/05/2013 11:11am

I have had multi-level spinal fusions (c-2 > t-2, with hardware. After 18 months since the last surg., I am still in considerable pain, still on pain meds., still get constant spasms, etc. Doc wants to remove all the hardware now. He thinks that it has loosened, & I don't need it any more. Has anyone experienced this. How did it work out for ya????

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I had a fusion from c5-c7 6 yrs ago. I'm surprised you still have pain 18 mos out. I'm seeing 2 neurosurgeons next week for weakness symptoms starting one month ago. Found out recently screws in my cervical plate have come loose. I'm hoping this is the cause, I absolutely think it is. If you're doc is telling you your hardware is loose, get it taken out. I'm definitely getting mine out if this is the cause. Good luck!


I am fused from C1-T2. I have never had hardware removed. I had C5-6 not fuse and the hardware was loose. The dr. did a revisit to refuse and add new hardware. Every Dr., patient and circumstance are different. The initial reason the fusion was done has something to do with it too. I have had 4 neck surgeries and have never had hardware removed,but I have heard of it in the back.