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Hi everyone

Started by 100001412287635... on 11/29/2012 8:00pm

Hi everyone my name is Ronnie and I have been diagnosed with Cervical Neck Disease. As verified by an MRI I have Herniation in C-3-c4 mild central disc narrowing, C-4-5 broad based disc bulge mild central canal stenosis no sig neuroframinal stenosis, C5-6posterior disc bulge no stenosis, C 6-7, focal moderate cenctral canal stenosis due to posterior osteopyte formation also mild neuroframinal stenosis (sorry about the spellings hard to type Ill tell you why else here soon..Ha) also a perineural cyst in T-1-T2 small left perineural cyst..Im really scared and on top of this I have just been diagnosed with Severe Carpal Tunnel confirmed with an EMG and nerve conduction test...Im so scrared Ive always been very healthy and still work out eventhough Im in severe pain which gets worse always...I cant take pain medications they make me very very dizzy and I can barely go to worc but I do because I have to in pain and I am a therapist so no time to sit and relax...

Please anyone who could give me some words of encouragement or support. Im very scared because after I had the nerve conduction test I feel worse.. Why my pain is very bad and Im numb is this test dangerous I havnt felt right since this all happend to me and Ive had symptoms for over 2 years now...Im so scared I wont be able to work as im loosing alot of function in my upper extremities..and get numb now even in my face and head..The otho doc knows this and he recommended today I get surgery on my hands yes I have bilateral Capal Tunnel and then surgery on my neck...
Any advise would be great..
Thank you so so much

PS Here are my symptoms:
Pain in elbow
Pain and muscle spasms in tumbs
dropping objects
numbness in face
blurry vision at times which seams to happen with pain at times
headaches especially in occipital area of head
leg numbness
Eye pain and stabing eye pain
unable to write well and hold a pen long
unable to type long
unable to hold ojects long
pain in shoulders
neck stiffness
sometimes grinding feeling in neck and stabling pain
If my head is pushed down, my whole face gets knub very scarey found this out while playin a game outside

Please help
thank you
Im very frightend

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HI Ronnie,
I don't hold any sort of med. licence so these are just my opinions and my experiences. I had a lot of the symptoms in my arms, hands, shoulders, headaches etc. as you. Mine was caused by disc disease of the c-spine and a major bulging disc at c-6,7. I had that area fused in Sept. as recommended by my neurologist. I was told that the symptoms would continue to worsen and so I went through with it. I still have thoracic, shoulder and rib pain, (bad if I over do it, like shampoo carpets, or grocery shop), but for the most part the arm pain is gone. I was told the longer the nerves are impinged, the longer they may take to recover. In my case it was almost 2 yrs before anything was done and I have a feeling, due to the thoracic pain, that there's something else going on there.
As far as meds are concerned, I think we all avoided them as long as we could, but everyone has a tipping point...If you reach yours, just remember, meds are just a band-aid, the problem is still there. Don't be a dummy like me and continue to work just because the meds cover the pain, because eventually, they won't.
Bottom line, I would have the surgery again to fuse C6,7. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, just disappointed that I'm still left with (sometimes unbearable) thoracic, shoulder and rib pain. On the up side, I'm not dropping things anymore!
Hope this helps,
Janet :)