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What to do next

Started by chelleb on 11/02/2012 2:34pm

I have had neck pain since spring. I have done physical therapy, 5 different pain meds, epidural injections and joint injections. I have seen 2 neurosurgeons and both have said I have a bulging disc, DDD, and surgery is not an option. So I have gone through all of this and still in pain. I don't know what the next step should be. I also have tingling in my right hand when I look down or turn my head the wrong way. The Dr's have said there isn't nerve involvement but can't explain the continued pain and tingling. I am fine with no surgery but I need answers and I don't know where to go to find them.

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I was told the same thing (about nerve involvement), but my symptoms continued to worsen, went from tingling to sharp shooting pains down my arm and quite a lot of weakness. I also had and still have a lot of scapular and thoracic pain. I suffered with this for 2 yrs before having C,6-7 fused. The arm pain has gone but the thoracic and pain between my shoulder blades continues. It gets so bad that I get stabbing pains in my ribs on the right side.
I can't say for sure what yours is, but the symptoms of neck pain and tingling in your hand is how mine started, especially with certain head movements.
Continue to tell the Dr.'s what you're experiencing. Keep in touch with them, or find a new Dr.
I can't remember the last test I had, but they numbed the area of C,6-7. (There was a bone spur in that area.) Within 10 minutes my pain was GONE! Of course the relief didn't last, but the neuro (who had just about sent me on my way two weeks earlier, saying there was nothing he could do, just learn to live with it), scheduled me for surgery.
Sorry I couldn't help more. There's a reason you're in pain, keep on bugging them 'till you get an answer. Telling you what is, "ISN'T" is only half the answer right? Now you need them to find out what IS causing the pain and what can be done about that.
Good luck and keep us posted on how you do,
Janet :)


I agree, keep bugging them until you get relief. Or find another doctor. After all, do you know what they call the person who graduated from med school with a C-average??? Doctor.

Just because one doctor blows you off or doesn't listen to you doesn't mean that's the final answer. I'm not a big proponent of doctor shopping to get the answer you want, but I do support doctor-shopping until you find the doctor who listens and tries to help and provides that trust and bed-side manner that allows you to feel safe and cared for. Those are hard to come by, which annoys me. How do you continue to be a doctor and treat people crummy?? I think my auto mechanic cares more about my neck than my doctor.


hi chelleb have you ever seen ads about this device that you get on and put your feet in a strap and you hang upside down. What it does when you are upside down your cushions are getting blood into them. and making cushions open up more the one that I seen was around 4to5 hundred dollars. You mite check it out..


Have you had your cevical spine tested and xrayed or an Mri on it? I have spondyloisthesis and all my symptons are from lower back pain and up through neck ribs lungs and especially hands finger tip stabbing pain very crippiling. there is cervical spondyloisthesis of neck very rare so maybe check on the internet for that.Let me know for i am in the pain you are progressivly getting worse