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Failed Lumbar Laminectomy

Started by George S. on 10/08/2012 10:46am

Sept. 27 I had a Laminectomy on my L-3 which was supposed to relieve my sciatic pain immediately according to my surgeon. I suffer from DDD, Spinal Stenosis and a herniated disc. It has been 11 days since the surgery and the sciatic pain is at and sometimes above the level it was pre surgery. I have trouble walking like I did before and I am no longer active. This surgeon told me he had done 1,000 (roughly) of these procedures and no one has had a problem. So what?....I'm the lucky one? I have another MRI scheduled for October 17. But I want names of surgeons that others have used and trusted where the procedures have actually worked. I Live in Ohio and don't mind traveling Cleveland. Please help. I already have a piece of my spine missing. I have one shot at this left....Thanks.

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Hi George, I had a Laser surgery done in april it had immediate pain relief.(to open a nerve canal). Then 2 days later I had swelling for about 2 weeks then one day it went away and that leg was fine.Give it a few months before you give up sir. I get disapointed all the time. I`ve been living in major pain for 5 years now.I had a surgeon that did a surgery without charging me my copay of 3000$. That`s the guy I go to.He does his job to help people. He did open back surgeries he seen he wasn`t helping ppl. He learn the laser surgery now he really helps ppl. I have many stories look at sam227. One dr. said I needed a laminectomy I`m having a SCS put in at home thats why I went to this other surgeon.. My real surgoen said I didn`t it wud cause me more pain(cutting muscles). Facebook me if you want his name. Sam.