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Old Patient Of Dr.Douglas Orr, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Started by 588625640@facebook on 09/01/2012 8:14pm

Old patient of Dr Douglas Orr when he worked in Hamilton, Ontario

I seen Dr douglas Orr on many occassions while he still had his practice in Hamilton, ON. He was a very gentle and always took the time to explain things to me fully that I could understand what was going on with my spine. I started seeing him in 1999 when I was 19 yrs old. He then booked me to have a 3 level fusion, internal fixtation, decompression and a bone graft in early 2003. I ended up pregnant so resheduled my surgery for a later date. But then I became aware that he moved his practice to Ohio :( . Since then I have not been able to find a back specialist that is willing to take the time he did to figure out what was wrong with my spine. I have seen over 9 drs and he was far the best I had ever seen. Now when I go see a dr and explain to them what Dr. Orr had explained to me about my back they look at me like I have no clue and that I
am just making things up. I actually had one dr call me dillusional, which was very frustrating for myself and family.

Dr. douglas Orr told me that I have DDD, herniated discs, spondylosis with spondylolisthesis grade 2 with definite narrowing of the lumbar spine. He also went on to explain to me, that when I feel on my spine in 1997, I sent my immune system to my 4th lumbar vertebrea, and as he called it, my 4th lumbar wasnt hooked up to my immune system so the " computer" in my body didnt reconize my 4th lumbar and started attacked it thinking it was something foriegn in my body and now it is dissolving. But when I tell that to any new doctors, not specialist as I cant even get an appt to see one, they all look at me funny. So nothing has been done on my spine since I have seen Dr. Orr. I have had a few xrays, and mri's over the last few yrs but nothing ever comes from it.

My back has been getting worse over the years as I get several bulging discs a yr, to the point where my lower back swells right up, looks bruised and has red looking pin marks all over, broken blood vessels, to the point where I cant even move. And that just happens if I twist the wrong way, bend the wrong way or even get out of bed the wrong way. It has became very stressfull and depressing.

If any of you have any answers for me on how to go abouts having a dr listen to me please let me know. Or if anyone else has the same condition can you please share your story with me.

Thanks, Barbra Bois
Age 31, Sudbury, ON, Canada

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Barbra, quick ?. where are are the paper reports from your testings? if you had them in a hospital to obtain them you need to contact Medical records dept. and sign a consent form to get those copies. In the future any time you have testing done always leave with copies, then make plenty of more copies, when you go to see other physicians or hospital sometimes they get misplaced or u end up leaving without them, thats why I say allways have plenty of back up copies. If u have a MRI u should receive paper copy and also a cd disc of MRI. The disc copy is what an orthopedist or neuro surgeon will review, you are entitiled to them free of charge. they will charge you for the old reports usually 75c a copy. If you really want to get tough, get your records from the recent doctors youve seen,you might have to take the legal route, that might shake them up a little. your being denied reffferals because the docs are not insisting on these tests and submitting them as a necessaty, yes I agree non of them are taking you seriously, BUT DONT GIVE UP........RENE :)