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Started by ANDREE on 08/13/2012 7:32am

Good Morning, I am currently undergoing the process of receiving a medtronic spinal stimulator. My concern is I have multiple conditions, that when not under control, can cause devasting conditions and possible loss of my job.

i have done research on the web and there is a lot of pages talking about leads breaking and faulty stimulators, most were posted in 2007. My question is does anyone know if these issue have been resolved? Is this a good way to control my pain?

I have atril fib, tachacardia, high blood pressure, fibromyaliga, a three tier fusion in my neck, herniations in my neck not able to be taken care of and herniation in my lower back. I also have hashimoto thyroid, several GI issues and the list goes on.

Am I asking for trouble?

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andree hi just come past your post ,if you have not had your stimulator put in yet put the brakes on,there are a few things you need to know!!! i had a medtronics stim. put in 9 16 07,and for 2 years it was great.when you want to have it reajusted you have to pay a office visit to have your medtronic rep to come to the drs.office who put it in,which can be upwards to 200.00 bucks.in dec of 2010 the unit went off shocking the #$%* out of my lower back. i called the medtronics rep no answer called the 24 hour number in minn. nusre said she didnt know what to do??finally the battery went dead.promply went to a surgeon,said this had vto come out and now! but there is great news,i found the st. judes company who make a better unit.i had a new one put in for my neck with 4 leads.its great,easier to charge leads have a better non failure rate.the unit is smaller so that means you have a smaller bumb wherever your unit is put in.i am in central ohio,i had to go about 60 miles from my small town to get a pain control dr. that used this brand.if you look at the internet you will find a dr that you can call and ask before you go and pay the first office visit. just ask they will tell you. you will find that it is better than drugs.you can turn it on and off when you need it.it can be programmed to differant levels to control mild to severe pain-----it works.get onb the net and start looking