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16 Days since my surgery, laminectomy,hardware, screws from L2 to S1

Started by inchronicpain on 07/26/2012 10:09am

Still too early to tell how much of a difference the surgery has made. In 2008 I had a fusion with hardware at L4 &L5 Level that failed and it took this many years to decide to try one more time. I could not imagine living the rest of my life in the terrible pain, not being able to go places with family cos I can't walk far at all without being able to sit down, and making it super hard to do my job, (I drive a school bus) so therefore cannot take anything for pain. I didn't want to go on disability without giving this last surgery a chance so will Keep checking in to see how everybody else is doing.


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hi brenda I know how you feel i dont know what a fusions like that doesnt work . I had l1-l2-l3-l4 fused together with screws and rods last nov 2011 and Im at 9 months and i feel great , I have some muscle pain but its so minor and they say it takes a good year to heal. are you useing a radio wave belt ? I am and im fused like at 80% so far. any way I was hurting bad also I broken my back when i was 19 they also repaired that. no more vicoden. take care and good luck ps walking is the best you can do at the moment and get a pickup tool so you wont be bending over the less you bend the betr off you are for now.and i hope you have a brace and wear it when you are up. after surgery I took lots of hot showers and let the water run over my spine I felt betr after the shower I have diabetes and my wife put me in rehab and i was there for 21 days they couldnt understand how i was healing so fast. and I dont know if its happend to you but dont sneeze that hurts terrible.