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XLIF surgery verses postior surgery

Started by 689973710@facebook on 06/28/2012 8:25am

I already have a fusion from L3toL5 with plates and screws. I need to have another fusion L2-L3. Would it be better to have the XLIF minimal invasive surgery that goes through the side or have the open surgery that goes through the back. I have spinal stenosis and disc degenaration. This will be my thrid back surgery. Any help with this would be great. Thanks

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Hi, sounds like I wrote your request, I am so similar. I have a 7 year old fusion S1-L5, now I have severe spondylolesthesis and stenosis above the fusion, as well as herniation at L4-L2. I also had a L3-4 Laminotomy and discectomy 2 years ago. I've seen 3 surgeons, and have 3 opinions of how to approach the surgery. One said she would do an XLIF with plating, leaving the old fusion in place and attaching new hardware to fuse L3-4 to the old one. The second said he would do an anterior surgery to attach a new fusion L3-4 to the old fusion. The third said he felt the best would be an anterior surgery to remove the old hardware and replace the fusion from S1-L2. This would be my third surgery as well. I had made up my mind to go with the surgeon who would remove the old hardware and replace with a new extended fusion, and then I saw this website......... I would appreciate any ideas, opinions, suggestions, anyone who has been through this situation would have. No horror stories, please, I am already scared enough. Thanks! I just want to be fixed.......