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MRI of cervical spine

Started by Melissa Rodriguez on 06/19/2012 7:10pm

I am wondering if anyone can help me understand my recent mri results on cervical spine. I have had previous surgery on C6-7 with anterior cervical disc fusion. I am in constant pain and experiencing loss of function to right arm.

C2-3 Mild to moderate narrowing of the foramen on the right. This is likely due to spurring. No cord compression.
C3-4 Mild foraminal narrowing on the right. Again likely uncovertebral spurring. No cord compression.
C4-5 No foraminal or central canal encroachment.
C5-6 Joint space loss. Anterior spurring at the anterior disc space. No foraminal encroachment. Shallow disc bulging with mild impression on the anterior thecal sac. No cord compression.
C6-7 No obvious foraminal encroachment. Right paracentral mass effect secondary to low signal intensity structure. This likely represents a bar or discal bar complex. Mass effect does abut the cord.
C7-T1 No foraminal or central canal encroachment.
OPINION: 1.) Postoperative changes at C6-7 level. Focal bar, spur or discal bar complex right paracentral effacing anterior thecal sac and abutting the right side of the cord. There appears to be a component of mass effect on the right side of the cord as well.
2.) Multi-level degenerative disc disease. Each level of abnormality described in detail above. There are levels with minimal bulging disc and foraminal narrowing likely due to uncovertebral spurring.
**** Can anyone please help me understand this???

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Look at C6-7 note. Mass effect does abut the cord.

I take this as meaning that your hardware is up against your spinal cord. I may be wrong. Every radiologist has different wording. Suggest going over these results with physician.
Good luck!


Thank you M2006. I went today to receive an cervical epidural nerve block today. The doctor's at this point are not really being specific about what is going on. Dr. stated that he thinks I have set up a bone spur at this sight. Trying to relieve pain by doing the nerve block. If not says he will now have to go into the back of my neck. Doesn't really say what the mass effect is...believes it could be bone spur.