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17 years later after L5-S1 crentral-left sided disc protrusion surgery

Started by gabriel777 on 06/11/2012 6:15pm

the result of my may CT Scan is L4-5 mild circumferential disc bulge with a superimposed right foraminal broad-based disc protrusion effacing the perineural fat around the exiting L4 nerve root. Spinal canal appears minimally narrowed.
L5-S1: There is asymetric disc space narrowing with relatively severe narrowing of the disc space to the left of midline. A moderate sized posterolateral end plate osteophyte which is encroaching on the left neural foramen resulting in moderate left foraminal stenosis with impingment of exiting L5 nerve root. There is a small posterior central disc protrusion indenting the ventral aspect of the thecal sac.
I am not looking for a pinpoint explanation here but wondering if anyone else had similar findings, and what were the outcomes. I thought my days of spine problems were over, but since this spring I have been unable to do any gentle stretches or excersising, I can not walk very far without having bi-lateral leg pain, numbness and very bad weakness. I am also having signs of incomplete CES.
Any advice of sharing of your experiences is welcome.
Peace and pain-free days I pray all here may have.

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hi gab back pain can really mess up anyones life. no i dont what your doc will do i know they fused my whole lumbar L1 thru L5 8 screws and two rods it doesnt move down there anymore. the only issues i have been having is muscle pain but its only been 6months got to start waching weight and eating less. pain is somthing im use to i had a broken back for 40years. hope everything goes well for you be positive . the symthones with your legs had that prob also trouble walking take care and watch how you move. thats one of my problems if you watch your self turn with your body lift with your knees. it will help you another back saver are those long pic up tools so you dont have to stup over. it will help you heal faster.