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Started by hazel68 on 04/09/2012 1:21am

I would like more information about my illnesses, I was never told by my Doctor's or Nurse's that I had DDD, I am guessing that due to my RSD being severe I feel that I have been Neglected by my Doctor's, all my Doctor's know and knew that I have had RSDS (Reflex Synpathetic Dystrophy Syndrome) since 1998 and I am going on 13 year's with this Disease that has been taking over my entire life and family away, and to find out all of a sudden that I have DDD it has made it harder on me because I am not familiar with it due to having severe RDS, I don't sleep, i'm always in severe pain, I been denied The Scooter Chair and every help I ask for has been denied, I would like a good question to all of this that I am going through and I ask myself why? Why? Didn't anyone tell me I had this? I feel let down and very confused and I don't even know where and how to start any type of process due to all my health conditions and to top it off I have been lied to by my own Doctor's? I feel LOST can or does anyone have any ideas for my situation that I am facing in life today? Thank You Hope To Hear Anything...


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