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what to do about work....? HELP... ! PLEASE..

Started by 1499487258@facebook on 03/20/2012 6:59am

I am a hairdresser...Ive been on restrictions for almost 7 months going for my last set on injections this wed...I was on vacation last week and had a full week of rest...My pain doc said to cut my hours down to 20 or less because every time I work..my legs symptoms act up soo bad....I have yet to see my ortho..I see her in April and she wants to know if I want surgery....Right now I want to try the last shot and see how that goes..Did they help any?..hmm....sometimes yes and sometimes no....I tried walking the other day for about 1/2 hour and everything starts in...Legs hurt and donot do what they are supposed to do...Then back starts in and spasms up to the point that my upper arms hurt and i dont really have problems with the upper spine...maybe a minor herniation..nothing serious i guess..I have herniated L3..4..5.S1...spodololisthesis and spinal stenosis and ddd and osteo arthritis and bone spurs...Well while i was on vacation my supervisor said to on of the girls that I dont have restrictions and I need to work more hours....Now I have to call my ortho and tell her that i need a letter stating my restrictions ..I was gonna wait to my nest appt to tell her what my pain doc said but i guess have to call her now...I was gonna keep trying to do the hours im dong now which is only about 27-28 but I become a cripple after work especially the busy days....I am the manager of the shop and this is why I am in this position...and on WC.....I dont know what to do and I dont want to lose my job over this...I guess It's my own fault for not calling my ortho and telling her about my hours...I'm having lots of nerve issues and she wont undertstand because she runs marathons and she also never had any children..I hate the fact that my legs dont do what they are supposed to....It's a vicious cycle..work-suffer....recover.work-suffer--recover...Is this how its supposed to be or is their any hope?

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oh...AND I'm also tripping over my own two feet....unreal..!