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Abnormal spinal cord intensity

Started by kathryn on 03/06/2012 1:15pm

Just had a post-op MRI of my cervical spine. Among other things, it showed abnormal spinal cord intensity. Does anyone know what this means? I am waiting to get back to my surgeon and have been wracking my brains on the internet trying to find its meaning. I am very nervous about this and any help or explanation would be appreciated.

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Hi. I don't know what it is but it has to do with signaling. If you type in PEMF in the google search area at the top it takes you to a study that shows PEMF therapy improves signal. I've had spine surgery & I have severe DGD. I started this therapy 4 weeks ago and I'm SO IMPRESSED. I thinks I'm going to be virtually pain free in another month or so. No more shots, surgery or drugs.

Good luck! Also, if you have nerve damage or nerves aren't signaling to your muscles etc the nerves DO grow back. I was freaked out that my neck surgery didn't work. 1 yr after surgery I only have minor cervical nerve issues.