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Looking for new doctor My insurance & address caused me to leave care & noone wants me due to my medication list for the past 12 yrs

Started by missie on 01/21/2012 9:05am

I am in trouble. My medication will lapse by 01/26/2012 because noone wants to care for me because of my medication list. I have had 4 back surgeries and numerous injections and other procedures. I managed to work and raise a family through this.My condition worsen with age and I am now confined to my home. I continue to to do PT OUT of my home to keep me moving at least. I am running out of time. Now, I feel dirty and I can not find a physician that will continue my medication that has served me well over the past 9 years. I reside in Bucks County.I do have a wonderful primary care physician but she can not write for what my medication consists of. I have called over 35 pain management clinics that will not prescribe my medications.What are they there for? I feel like a leaper.If I had a choice, I would change my condition in a heart beat. I make sure I walk everyday and stay as mobile as I can but I am slipping fast. Is there any doctors out there that will not judge me? I worked through this but my deterioration is slowing me down.I can not drive any more.I AM LOOSING MYSELF.PLEASE HELP.
note: On top of of the checked boxes,I also hve spinal fracturs,spinal stenosis,neck pain& bulging discs,and severe back pain frm SL1-L4-5. My pain is chronic in thoractic region,cervical, and lower back.
Treatments: Also include P/T,Exercise,nutrition changes,quit smoking bck in 1998 when back injuries began, and over the conter products(thermacare , hot/cold compress, and heating pads.I also tried alternative aids and I wear a back brace. I also went through 3 years of injections & stimul;ation

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Lets try this again. I can't offer much assistance with your search for a doctor but having been in your position myself in the past and not knowing what to do and no one either could or would give me a direction, I found out the hard way what you can do as a temporary fix to your situation. I wound up in the emergency room with withdrawals, and got a lecture from the E.R. doctor about waiting so long before coming in. I would think most hospitals work the same in this regard or closly, anyway his suggestion if I ever found myself in that position again was to get to an emergency room before I ran out of medication and explain the situation to the E.R. doctor. I was treated for the pain and withdrawal symptoms and given prescriptions for a ten day supply of my medications as well as a doctors' name and practice to contact. The e.r. doctor called ahead so they were expecting me and all went well from there. I emphasize this is my experience only and the result, however I do think it should work for you also, give it a try what do you have to lose? I wish you luck and please do not wait too long as I did to seek help.