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Stenosis at L1 causing Problems

Started by Ingrid on 10/18/2011 2:03pm

Stenosis of Central Canal at L1 (first level after a 4 level fusion) caused by further Herniation (MRI) is causing very frequent trips to the bathroom,far more then usual.No sign of any UTI ,just needing to go now.Sleep is very disrupted.
Have had no Response from Spine Surgeon yet
Any Suggestions as to what to do?

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If your bladder issues are getting severe, I would go to an ER for evaluation, especially if you can't seem to get your spine surgeon to respond. You may have caudal equina syndrome and if it's of sudden onset, should be regarded as a medical/surgical emergency. Look the term up in the Spine Universe search box on their home page or do a Wikipedia search for "caudal equina syndrome" and see if it fits what's happening to you.

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Hi Ingrid

I know the problems you are suffering and enduring. I have spinal stenosis of the central canal at L4 and L5. Since I have a bad heart and high blood pressure, an operation at this time is not an option. I have, however, received some relief with taking spinal decompression and also laser treatment for pain. I, too, have frequent bathroom trips and find it difficult to stand in one spot for any length of time.

My heart goes out to you and hope that the information I have given you might be of some help.




Welcome Ingrid
sorry to hear of ur issues. I too am a lumbar case, had my surgery in march, I am a nurse and have been out of work since Dec,due too.......If ur having a hard time getting apt. in a resonable time,Heres a little secret to spead things up for u,,call neuro back and tell them ur having bowel/bladder urgency and they will see u right away.having that issue is serious its called cauda equina,once neuro hears that they will see u right away,cause its a serious issue,Im not a doctor,but from my professional experience I highly recommend having this taken care of ASAP. good luck to u n feel better. RENE :)