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Seeking info on herniated T6-T7

Started by jb63 on 08/14/2011 6:20pm

I had a fairly sudden onset of ft drop foor and bilateral leg weakness with the right severely effected last November. Was twisting to clean my oven and had severe pain that went down both legs. My entire spine throbbed and I felt like I was being cut in half. I have had back pain for years, but tis stopped me in my tracks. Had to lie flat for about 2 weeks. No I did not go to the docs, I thought it would get better. Then My foot dropped. I realize this is a mixed bag of problems. Huge neuro workup showed a polyradiculneuronopathy in l/s spine on EMG/NCV. They also found on Mris:
Brain normal.

Thoracic Spine: Large central disc herniation at t6-t7 with effacement of ventral CSF with mild indentation of vental aspect of the spinal cord. Moderate spinal canal stenosis at this level. Shallow small central herniation t7-t8.

Cervical: Disc osteophyte complexes of level c5-c6 and c6-c7 with bilateral process hypertophy resulting in mild spinal stenosis and bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. Nerve root impingement at c5-c6 cannot be excluded.

L/S: multilevel degenerative changes with moderate spinal canal stenosis l2-l3 and l3-l4 no root compression or bulges.

My concern is this: Leg strength is a little bit better. I am in physical therapy. I wear AFO braces but need a walker or cane for balance as the braces prevent me from feeling the ground. I am concerned that some of the symptoms may be from the thoracic herniation. Neuro doc says mild hyperreflexia fasiculations are from the neck and thorax, but the info on this is very lean as I understand it is rare. I am trying to figure out if this problem is 2 fold.

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