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Started by singingsupernurse on 07/22/2011 12:21pm

hi my husband has degenerative disk disease bilat. (both sides of the spine. He was on a great deal of morphine (both SR and IR) he slept all the time. He weaned himself off the morphine (the provider wouldn't give it ot him....went "cold turkey"). anyway I 've heard horror stories about spinal fusion, artificial disks aren't all that... I'm thinking nerve blocks. They tried that with him before(didn't let the area numb after xyolocaine... and I suspect he needs it under fluro to see where they are going). any ideas? I hate to see him in soo much pain. Plus he has low T I'm thinking dexa scan bc kyphosis(sp?) to r/o osteoporosis. If this is now treated, he will keep getting fracturesof the spine. I welcome any and all ideas......

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Hi, as a fellow ortho nurse, (in pain). D/t ur hubbys fractures i'd opt for fusion only because he needs spinal support somewhere. and get him on a anti-inflammatory it might take a few b4 he finds the one that works for him, and of course until things start to heal and inflamation goes away( which takes 6mos , minimum,trust me I hav same thing,n due to my backround ive seen it,n delt w it),hes gonna need narcs.the pers 10/325 Q6,and the tylenol in them help, but its the inflamation thats the bulk of it so.watch his movements, dont do anything to aggrevate the inflamation,the weather i found to making days worse. wish u guys well, and stay MENTALLY strong, its a bumpy ride through this course of being better,ITS 10x worse than labor.haha, w no epidurals.