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86 year man needs fusion L3-L4-L5-S1 DDD nerve claudication

Started by kurlandsky on 06/17/2011 1:44pm

I live in Florida and want to have waiting to hear for appintment with the Dr. faxed all reports. Would like advise about surgery at my age.

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My uncle who is about the same age as you has bad back problems as well. Unfortunately he was advised not to have surgery. He was scheduled for surgery on his back but during the test prior to surgery they found he has some heart problems. If he would choose to fix his heart they do not know if he would make it out of surgery. Poor man . Well anyways, he is currently seeing a Physical Therapist who is helping him with range of motion and trying to get him to beable to stand up more straight. He is pain alot but I think the PT is starting to help. Good luck to you such a hard thing to go thru. I had l5-s1 fused March 2011 and it is a very long recovery and I only fused one level.


Al, I'm in my 50's and had fusion of L4, L5 & S1 in 2005. I had an extremely difficult time with pain post-surgery, and I'm on strong narcotic pain medications now, because of continuing problems. I am no doctor, but I can't even imagine going through such a thing in my 80's. I would definitely consider other options before undergoing fusion. And if your orthopedic surgeon recommends fusion, I would be sure to get another opinion, maybe from a neurologist. Fusion does not relieve all the pain, and the results vary with each individual. You could go through all that and still have a lot of pain.

You did not give much information, such as what other treatments you have tried, what kinds of doctors have you seen, how much pain you are in, what medications you take, etc. You might get more helpful responses if you explained your situation more in depth.