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Severe L5-S1 Degeneration & Painful Hip Popping

Started by Denice604 on 06/17/2011 1:13pm

I have read some of the stories on the Internet wondering if a hip popping out can be caused by the back (although I can't seem to post in the group where the original message was).

Certainly in my case I believe it is, as I suffer from a severe hip problem and multiple spasms and neurological problems in feet. X-rays have shown no damage to the hip. I have at least one ballooned spot of gel squishing out of my spine for many years now and have been suffering severely for days as a result of a sudden hip pop that happened when I went to sit down. There really is no treatment for this in Alberta (Canada) as far as I'm aware, except for Tylenol and anti-inflammatory drugs you can buy from the drug store.

Some people here have mentioned that they had severe hip pain after their spinal operation. I think that could quite possibly be very common, which is why many surgeons won't even touch patients until they are in a wheelchair (which is where they are waiting for me to end up. They said they might attempt surgery then, although I'm a little suspicious they will leave me in the chair at that point).

While that may not sound reassuring to others, they should know that any type of spinal surgery can be extremely dangerous and go one of two ways: either you will be much better or much worse. If your surgeon was brave enough to tackle it, chances are you were headed there anyway, so the final answer is that this is something you have to learn to live with. If you're over 60, it's just plain and simply the process of aging, and advancements in spinal cures don't seem to have gone very far over the years. Some private commercial places claim they can cure these things through decompression but most government health offices won't cover them (I think because they are classed as "not proven" so you could blow a few thousand dollars for nothing). The sales people at these places also tend to be about 10 times more forceful than car salesman so it's best to bring a strong friend so you can escape when highly pressured.

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I want to suggest that your "popping" hip problem could be sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD). I have a similar problem and was diagnosed with this condition about 6 months ago. There is a group of people on facebook that discuss this problem and alternatives for treatment that can be useful. Just search under SIJD on facebook if you are interested.