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Stem Cell Research

Started by Bill M on 04/28/2011 8:33am

I have DDD, herniated disc in L4/L5 and spinal stenosis. I am in good shape. Keep my core strong and watch my weight. Yet the bar continues to drop on my activity level. I have been to a couple of surgeons who say wait as long as possible for disc fusion surgery. They were also not very confident that the current pain level would be reduced. Not very comforting. I also subscribe to other websites to keep abreast of current treatments. I came across an article about Stem Cell Research. It was a study done in 2006. The study was performed by Dr. Stephen Richardson of the University of Manchester’s Division of Regenerative Medicine that uncovered a method whereby stem cells can be used to completely regenerate damaged intervertebral discs (IVD). "The technique combines the patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) with a “naturally occurring collagen gel” that can then be surgically implanted into the affected area. The invasion is minimal, and therefore appealing to the sense of holism, as it reduces the chances of post-surgical trauma and side effects." The goal is to rebuild the disc material by using the patients own stem cells. The result of the test was postiive and the doctor hoped to have the process available to the public in (5) years. I looked for any information regarding the advancement of this process and have not found anything. Is this a real process? Are there any other results from followup studies done since 2006.

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