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Jesus heals

Started by anjie on 04/15/2011 8:50am

Jesus Christ can heal us. He alive today and He still heals just as He did during His ministry on earth approx 2000 years ago, because His Holy Spirit is with us. Please look at the testimonies below of Jesus healing people's spines:



There may be healing ministries in your area but just be careful to test everything as there are also many false ministries and hype out there. For example, I do not think it is beneficial to get sucked into the Word of Faith movement. Keeping your eyes on Jesus is what is required (Faith in Jesus rather than faith in faith or faith in healing ministries)...Not everyone gets healed the same way and there is no "formula".

Even if nobody here believes this post, I think it is definitely worth looking into! After all, sadly to say we have nothing left to lose.....Medicine cannot "cure" damaged spines, we need a miracle!

I am putting off having spinal surgery because I am waiting for Jesus to heal me...I was diagnosed with grade 2 spondylolisthesis, disc compression, and scoliosis.

Keep the Faith!

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Hi Anjie,
Nice to see other believers on here,i totally and completely put my trust and faith in Jesus Christ as my savior.I have also been a nurse for 29 years and i have first hand witnessed how God has worked through the gifted hands of nurses and doctors to bring about healing.I was injured in June 2009,and still fully believe that i will be completely healed one day,however in my prayer and seeking God i knew it was time to trust HIM and trust my physician for the surgery that i underwent just 3 weeks ago today.I was already on my way to nerve damage in my leg and having urinary problems.So i completely understand that for you it may not be time for surgery,but as a Christian i certainly would not want to mislead any of these people on Spine Universe to believe that surgery is not the answer,and to ignore what direction God is taking them in.I prayed for a healing way before i made a decision on surgery.Yes,Jesus does heal today and miracles do still happen,but sometimes it is through medicine.Sorry i don't want to down what you are saying,and i hope it did not come off that way.
Nurse Nancy


Hi Nurse

I do understand where you are coming from and you made an important point. And it is also true that not everybody gets healed through a miracle, and nobody knows why some people get healed and some don't. When timing and circumstances are such that medical intervention is necessary then we must go that route. We should not leave our brains on the shelf as it were and cause damage to our bodies by ignoring medical intervention when it is absolutely necessary!

I also did not mean to be insensitive or to offend anyone....so I do apologize if I have.

But for now......I am keeping the faith :-)