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Two Failed back surgeries

Started by judyduck on 01/13/2011 4:34am

In 1979+1980 I had 2 Laminectomies because of a work injury. The surgeries did not help but caused severe nerve damage,Stenosis,no feeling in either foot, extensive scarring etc.
I would like to know if anyone has had a treatment that would reduce the pain I have everyday and gain some feeling in my feet. I fall a lot becasue I do not have feeling in my feet. Tons of Epidurals did not work. Botox injection L4-5 terrible adverse effects. I am elderly and I am not a candidiate for surgeries besides all my Lumbar discs are bulging and there is minimal space in spinal column. Because of the small amount of space in my spinal column I have pain everday and the pinched nerves result in pain in my legs etc.

If someone knows of a treatment that is simple and does not require surgery please let me know. Most likely there are treatments available now that were not available in the 1980"s.
Thank you !

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You should go towww.nervemed.com Dr. Aaron Filler is an excellent doctor and may be able to help you. Yes, there is a lot more available now for the spine.



Most of the time, when a decompression ( laminectomy) is done without fusion, the lower back becomes very unstable. This could be what happened to you and why you're having the symptoms you're having now. In fact, most back surgeons won't do a laminectomy without a fusion.

If you would like to discuss this further with other people who have had back issues, please feel free to join us athttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/LooseScrews2/ I've just had my third lower back surgery (six months ago - my first was back in 2004), but I had many other issues besides lumbar stenosis.

Best of luck to you with getting this conquered. There's nothing worse than a bad back


Hi Judy,
Sorry to hear of ur pain. I too am a fellow sufferer. My story is posted,look at the one w wll the responses, the other two are oopsies, (im new to the site) Im a 45 yr old, orthopedic nurse. WE ALL FEEL UR PAIN, (NO PUN INTENDED).I have a suggetion to help reduce your pain. You should be on an anti - inflammatory, ( which is causing pain), inflammation of ur spinal n nerve roots, called radiculopathy.I hope your in good mental spirits, but, if not psycho therapy is a big help. Anti-depresents not only help us cope,but they also aid in inflammation. The pain pills just mask issue n give us quick releif. I started using a tens unit, and i swear by it. I think between my antiinflamatories n my TENS belt. I can say my activities n pain scale has gone from a 200, unbearable pain w no life. to somewhat of normalcy. Im doin my best, U HAVE TO B STRONG, n fight the fight,our issues arnt gonna change,So we all need to make the best of them. (easier said then done).Good luck to you, fell better. RENE :)


Judy, I just looked over my last response to you and realized I should have mentioned finding (or being referred to) a good pain management specialist, especially since you do not want to have any major surgery. You say you are "elderly", but not how old you are. I understand if you do not want to post your age, but I'm now 63 and have had three very successful lower back surgeries. Sometimes age is not the determinator.