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c6c5 fusion......

Started by flash.gordon on 01/03/2011 7:12pm


dont know where to make comments in this site,,,,,,

but here is some info for my fiends with neck pains..

after 3 yrs of going thru a ""good PT'',,,,getting shoots in neck....

mri's,,,,,pinched c6,,,left thunb and index finger half numb for yrs,,,

neck always sore,,,,

i cou; print or type of last reports,,,but ,,,it was time

dec 16,,,and anterior disc fusion by jazem eltahawy at harper.

surgery was on 16 at 5 pm,,,,,,i left hospital next morning at noon,,,

left arn and thumb and finger fell great ,,,,

neck ,,,,a little sore ,,,but nothing little before,,

i am wearing full collar 24 /7 ,,,except when i sleep.

i am very careful tuning my head,,,try not to...

i am being very breif here,,and my spelling and typing ,,,,whatever,,,

medication,,,all i am taking is vicodin,,and valuim,,,which i wish they gave me a little something stronger to knock me out so i can sleep 6-9 hrs,,,,

but,,,,glad to answer questions,,,,i do work in medical field,,,just cant spell ,,,hahahha.....

best of luck,,,,

i should of done this yrs ago,,,,when a beaumont docotor wanted to do surgery,,,but i put it off,,,


gordon welsh

new baltimore MI

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I pray that your recovery is progressing well.
I will have c6/c7 fusion with artifical disc replacement in a few weeks. I have pain down my right arm and numbness, tingling on fingers.
I would like to know of your experience post surgery, such as ability to eat, swallow. what mobility at one week, two weeks, etc. How long will you have to wear the collar? When is the doc projecting about return to physical activity, work? Physical therapy planned?
Dallas, Tx


Flash - I experienced the same thing. A year and a half with a pinched nerve at C5-C6, tried 4 nerve root injections - none of which worked. Dec. 7th I had an Anterior C5-C6 Cervical Discectomy and Arthoplasty (replacement disc - which was optional because there was no arthritis in my neck). Still recovering. Was able to leave hospital next day - no brace. Only restrictions: no lifting over ten lbs., no raising arms above shoulders and no repetitive motions with hands and arms. So far, so good. Looking back - as you said , why did I wait. Tony, I found some of the worst pain was swallowing after the sugery - eventually it goes away. Also, your upper back and shoulders will be extermely painful for 3 to 4 weeks because of the position your put in for the surgery. The Doc said I could drive 1 week after, but I chose not to. As far as work - plan to be off 6 - 8 weeks. I'm starting my 6th week now and there is no way I could make it all day at work (I'm a supervisor). I still have some aching, numbness and tingleing in my arms and hands - that could take up to a year to heal completly. Most important - follow your restrictions.


I have had two surgeries. The first was a fusion at C4-5 and C5-6. I had the collar for 4 weeks then worked my way off of it. Then pt starting at 6 weeks. I don't remember how long I was in PT as it has been most of the last 6 years following an automobile accident. I had trouble swallowing bread for about 6 months and large pill like Glucosamine with Chondroitin would get stuck. The pain was better at , but I still had major pain in my neck (and low back but that is a different story and from the same cause) In 2008 I had disc replacement surgery in Germany at C3-4 and C6-7. My pain prior to the surgery was excruciating. They removed the fusion plate in the front and all I had was a soft collar, more for protection than anything else. I wore the collar until the 6 week mark and weined my self off of it. I can even swallow the large pills again. Knowing what I know now, I would not have done the fusion to begin with. I still have damaged discs at C2-3 and C7-T1 which cause their own issues, but I'm working, skiing and pretty functional. I just had some facet nerves killed at C6 and C7. Most people that saw me in severe pain before wouldn't know I have any pain now. It is fairly well controlled most of the time. I have mobility in my neck and can turn it better than many people without DDD.


Dana: did you go to Germany just for the surgery? or do you live there? There seems to be limited experience on he disk replacements in the US. i have had fusion on 5-7 but am looking at options for c7 - t1. thanks