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Degenerated disk disease.

Started by tunderwood on 11/10/2010 8:18pm

I have been seeing a back doctor of 2 yrs. I have degenerated disk disease. I have had several shots in my lower back. It helps for a couple of months. The pain is getting worse. I have not had alot of pain in the legs. My doctor suggest keep taking the shots until the pain is unbareable. My L4 and L5 is nearly bone to bone. I also have a disk that my doctor says he will need to fix when he does the L4 and L5 fusion. He says he will have to enter through my stomach. It is much more dangerous. What should I do? Wait or go ahead and have the surgery. I'm also worried about being able to work after surgery. I am a police officer.

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I had a fusion on my S1L5 in June of 2009. I have not been back to work since. I really had no pain in my back, upper or lower, it was all in my legs and twitching uncontrollably in the legs and feet. Since my surgery the twitching is throughout my whole body, it is not constant but frequent. Also since my surgery I suffer from low back pain, leg pain and hip pain. I have been diagnosed with DDD and now have a bulging disc in neck. Truly, I thought the surgery would be the answer but it wasn't. I honestly believe I suffer from a disease called Arachnoiditis but it is caused by a medical error and I am having a hard time getting a diagnosis, no doctor wants a lawsuit. I don't think it was caused from my back surgery but from a C-section birth in 1988. Unfortunately, back surgery and shots in the spine only make the condition worse. You are the only one that knows what you should do, but just for curiosity sake, google Arachnoiditis and do some research on it. All the things they are doing to treat you may only make your pain worse. If I could do it all over again, I would just have lived with the pain I was in, it was far better than the pain I have now.